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Blue bridal bouquet

Blue bridal bouquet

Blue bridal bouquet is not suitable for all girls by color type. Psychologists believe that brides who choose this color are modest, loyal, calm and restrained. Blue and blue flowers symbolize sincerity, devotion, eternity.

What flowers are blue?

If you decide to buy a blue bridal bouquet, pay attention to which flowers it is collected from. It can be irises, hydrangeas, carnations in combination with peonies and roses. What do these flowers represent?

  • Irises - militancy, victory, glory, heroism, masculinity;
  • Hydrangeas - aristocracy, refinement, fragility, tenderness;
  • Carnations - reverence, admiration, respect, devotion;
  • Peonies - luxury, wealth;
  • Roses - love;
  • Delphinium - protection of love, can be used as an amulet;
  • Forget-me-nots - devotion;
  • Phalaenopsis orchids - family well-being;
  • Chrysanthemum - wealth, grace.

What dress would a blue bouquet match?

A bridal bouquet with blue flowers will match a white classic dress. In style, it should be discreet without flashy details. Blue will look most beneficial with shades such as beige and cream. These shades look romantic and natural. The blue will contrast with them. Flowers should be selected delicate, light, so that the contrast is harmonious. Otherwise, the bouquet will fall out of the image, it will seem like a "foreign" detail.

The blue bouquet looks harmoniously in winter and early spring against the background of snow or the first delicate greenery. For summer and fall weddings, florists recommend bright, warm colors. Irises and carnations will highlight the seasonality of the May wedding. They're also inexpensive at this time of year. Hydrangeas can be purchased in winter. At this time of year, they are brought from Holland and from Russian greenhouses.

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