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Yellow roses

Throughout For several hundred years, the rose has been a symbol of love. This is a very persistent stereotype. But over time, many new varieties have appeared, so the meaning of this flower has become broader. Yellow, orange, coral specimens appeared as a result of crossing with the wild Persian rose.

Who are the yellow roses for?

It is believed that these roses are the most versatile - they can be given for almost any occasion. After all, their main meaning is the wish for success, wealth, prosperity, recognition of merit, as well as talent. A bouquet with yellow buds can be presented to both a woman and a man.

Perhaps due to the associations of this color with the stars, golden beauties often end up in bouquets for celebrities - actors, musicians, artists. Such a gift means a wish for fame and growth in popularity. Esotericists believe that yellow roses have strong creative energy. They are also often presented to leaders, because they speak of recognition of merit, evidence of admiration for the person to whom you are giving the bouquet.

You can present these flowers in a narrow family circle. Bright buds can cheer you up. They are ardent opponents of melancholy - with all their appearance they remind that cloudy days are always followed by sunny weather.

When are yellow roses presented?

In Russia, unpleasant prejudices associated with separation have developed in relation to yellow roses and buds of this color in general. In this regard, florists insert these sunny flowers into mixed variegated bouquets. Monochrome yellow compositions in our stores are extremely rare and perhaps valuable for this. After all, the sun color symbolizes joy and love of life and has nothing to do with betrayal and parting.

Yellow roses can be presented for a birthday, name day, anniversary, at a meeting of friends after a long separation, for housewarming, for a professional holiday. In general, in cases where a hint of romantic feelings is not needed. It was found that people who regularly inhale the scent of a rose are more attractive to those around them, have a light, even aura, are benevolent and unobtrusive.

You can give your loved ones a good mood and peace of mind without leaving your home. Just buy a bouquet with yellow roses in our online store in Moscow, and we will deliver it to your specified address. On our site you can choose bouquets from only one rose or in combination with other flowers, as well as in a box with a sweet surprise. Call and order, we will be happy to help you!

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