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Stabilized rose

A stabilized rose can last 5 or more years without changing its appearance. The main question is - is it a living or artificial flower? A living flower is taken as a basis, but in the process of stabilization it becomes artificial.

How are these flowers made?

There are several ways. Each florist has his own secret. But the point is to make the rose more durable. One way is to coat the flower with special substances that will block its aging, such as wax. In this sense, the rose resembles an insect in hardened resin. The second way is associated with a change in the internal composition. The fabrics are impregnated from the inside with a special compound so that they are more durable and retain their natural color.

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What does a stabilized rose mean?

Almost the same as live. It can mean a declaration of love, a compliment, "sorry" or "miss." But since such roses live much longer than ordinary roses, it can also be considered a symbol of loyalty to its ideals and feelings.

How to choose a color?

Please note that such roses may have shades that are unnatural for fresh flowers. Florists color them to make them look brighter or more unusual. In this case, the color of the artificial rose has the same meaning as the color of the living one. If you are giving it for romantic purposes, choose pink, red, burgundy or white. If you want to congratulate your friend, you can choose something unusual - purple, turquoise, lemon. If mom or grandmother choose a standard color - cream, wine, you can blue. A black stabilized rose will look elegant. But the rainbow one will definitely cheer up.

How to care for a stabilized flower?

These colors do not need care, but rather careful handling. Rose is more fragile than other stabilized plants. Therefore, it should be treated with particular care.

  1. Do not make sudden movements if you hold it in your hands.
  2. Do not put in the sun, the wax used to treat the plant may melt, the flower will wilt;
  3. Do not wipe off dust, it is better to brush off dust with a soft whisk;
  4. Protect from moisture so as not to dissolve the glycerin inside the stem.

From the point of view of durability, it is better to buy such flowers in a special container. Stabilized roses are often sold in a bulb. In this case, the flower is protected from moisture and dust. You can buy a stabilized rose in Moscow with delivery to your home or office. In our store, delivery is possible throughout the Russian Federation. The rates can be found on the website.

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