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Roses in a Basket

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buy roses in a basket in moscow

A basket of roses is a classic gift for an anniversary, birthday or wedding. Also, a basket of roses with home delivery can be ordered in gratitude to his wife for the birth of a child. It is customary to give roses for creative success, as a sign of admiration or respect.

How to choose an arrangement of roses in a basket?

When choosing, you can focus on the size and color of the composition. It is customary to order red roses in a basket for the second half, pink roses for a young girl, white roses in a basket can be bought for a colleague. Yellow and orange give people creative professions. It has to do with the symbology of color.

  • Red has strong combinations with romance.
  • Pink is associated with youth, tenderness, love.
  • White means sincerity and honesty.
  • Burgundy - passion, black roses can also express passion.
  • Yellow and orange are frozen sunlight, which means the energy of life.

The undoubted advantages of flower arrangements in the basket are the long life of the flowers, as well as the convenience in caring for them. Flowers from the basket do not need to be taken out and rearranged in a vase. This is true if you want to surprise someone with a lot of buds. It is difficult to find a container for 1001 roses. In principle, this is almost impossible, so such bouquets are packed in a basket.

It should be noted that baskets with roses are intended not only for special occasions. A small basket can be presented on a date or for a birthday, present to mom or grandmother. Roses in a basket are a classic composition that will look great on any holiday and will fit into any interior. You can order roses in our online store in Moscow with home delivery.

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