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Peony Roses

Peony roses are flowers for significant events, for people who love everything the most exquisite and expensive. These flowers symbolize luxury and pleasure. They almost always cause a "wow" effect.

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How to choose a bouquet of peony roses?

Most often, these flowers are purchased for a wedding, anniversary or birthday. They form wonderful seasonal summer compositions. To choose the one that suits you, you can focus on the color and composition of the bouquet.

  • White and cream buds mean sincerity, florists offer them as a gift to brides, young ladies, girlfriends.
  • Pink, lilac, lilac shades perfectly emphasize the seasonality of a summer holiday, such as a birthday or an engagement.
  • Yellow roses will warm you with the warmth of the sun in the winter cold.
  • Burgundy and purple mean respect, they are recommended to give to teachers and bosses;
  • Bright bouquets with greenery are perfect for a birthday or anniversary, they symbolize optimism and happiness.

The indisputable advantage of peony roses over other flowers is the huge number of petals and the complex shape of the bud. These flowers are conducive to contemplation, delight, and eye-catching. They are very charismatic by nature.

You can buy a bouquet of peony roses in our online store in Moscow with delivery to your home or office. Delivery is also possible to other cities of the Russian Federation. The rates can be found on the website or by phone. We will be happy to help you!

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