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Black Roses

Black roses are an elegant gift

Black roses are a unique collection variety that is not so often found on sale. The glasses appear to be completely black, but in fact their natural natural color is maroon with a purple tint. Reflecting the sun's spectrum, the velvety surface of the petals creates a visual illusion that delights people around the world.

In the catalog available on the site, you will find a large selection of roses. You can buy them directly on the website by placing an order and specifying the delivery data, as well as by phone 8 800 775 27 48.

Where to buy black roses in Moscow

Black roses are grown in southern Turkey on soils with a strictly defined pH level. In spring, the buds have the usual dark red hue, and by summer they are saturated with dark crimson pigment. Unfortunately, the black rose as a variety is gradually disappearing and is quite expensive, so unscrupulous sellers often resort to tricks, adding floral paint to the water for flowers.

We offer only real black roses, so we ask you to order the composition 1-2 days before the delivery date. Your recipient will receive the freshest a bouquet of black roses that will last a long time.

A bouquet of black roses looks harmonious in hat box tied with a white or black satin ribbon. At your request, florists will make a contrasting composition with a scarlet or sky-blue decor - it also looks very beautiful.

Black roses can be bought only in large flower centers and most often - on order. Surprise your loved ones with an unusual original gift that will be remembered for a long time. For completeness, we can complement the black roses in the bouquet with a small compliment of your choice. Just voice your wishes to our consultants. And rest assured that the recipient will receive the gift at the exact time you have appointed.

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