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Bouquet of 21 roses

21 roses as a gift

A bouquet of 21 roses is a wonderful gift for a woman as a sign of admiration. It can be shown not only to the wife or girlfriend. Can be presented to a colleague or boss for an anniversary. It is important to choose the right color. You can order 21 roses individually or as a ready-made bouquet of flowers.

The color of roses and their meaning

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  • Red, scarlet roses are given to loved ones, this is a symbol of love and passion;
  • Burgundy can also be a complimentary gift;
  • White is a great gift for a wedding or colleague, because it symbolizes sincerity, honesty and a bright future;
  • Cream is a symbol of tenderness and care, buy them for your mom, grandmother, sister or girlfriend;
  • Yellow means admiration, can be gifted to an artist, painter, writer, athlete;
  • Peach is perfect for any occasion, but best of all for an anniversary;
  • Orange is rare, symbolizes energy, a good gift for a friend;
  • Pink is a symbol of youth and beginnings, good for a gift at the beginning of a relationship;
  • Blue - symbolize inspiration, they can be presented not only to a woman, but also to a man.

Choosing the freshest roses

It is not enough to choose the color of the buds. Finding fresh flowers is important. After all, a quickly faded bouquet is a bad omen. This means that it was not given from a pure heart. There are several signs of obviously stale roses.

  1. Dropped or missing sepals. These are four green leaves around the bud.
  2. Fold back the outer petal, it should return to its former shape on its own. Elasticity is a sign of his youth.
  3. The leaves should be pointing up and at right angles to the stem.
  4. The bud should not bloom to the limit, preferably no more than one third.

Decoration of a bouquet of roses

There are many ways to decorate such a bouquet. The most common ones are in paper, mesh, film, tape. The advantage of paper is environmental friendliness. And environmental friendliness has been in trend lately. The main advantages of the film are price and water resistance. The advantage of the mesh is its hardness. It keeps the shape of the bouquet well. The tapes are versatile and laconic. Such a bouquet can be businesslike, romantic, it can be given to a man and a woman. Pay attention to the bouquets in the hat boxes. They are very practical. The roses from the box do not need to be rearranged into the vase. A floristic sponge is laid at the bottom. Baskets and even flower boxes are assembled according to the same principle. The latter are gaining popularity now.

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