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Bouquet of 15 roses

A bouquet of 15 roses is a classic composition. It can be given as a gift at official events, at romantic meetings. Roses are given to both men and women. The former are most often awarded for creative merit, for success in sports, science or politics. Roses can be given to women without any reason. By itself, such a gift means a sign of attention, a compliment, and also gratitude.

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Who can you give?

In the language of flower diplomacy, the number of flowers matters more. 15 buds in is a symbol of gratitude. Most of all, such a composition is suitable for congratulating a colleague, boss, mother, mother-in-law or sister. However, color matters too:

  • Red roses mean love, 15 of them can be gifted on the day of the engagement;
  • Burgundy roses are a passion - a good gift for a wife on a wedding anniversary;
  • Pink roses are a symbol of youth, you can give a girl for her birthday;
  • White roses - a symbol of sincerity, can be presented to a colleague;
  • Yellow roses are often presented for creative or sporting achievements;
  • Cream roses symbolize care and respect, they can be presented to mom;
  • Blue - a dream come true and loyalty, can be given to a soldier, beloved, friend.

Where and how to buy?

You can order roses in our store, decorated in a bouquet or by the piece. The most expensive are the giant Ecuadorian roses. Beauties from Russian greenhouses can be relatively inexpensive. The unit price is shown on the product page. For any question you may have, you can contact our operators, or make an order yourself.

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