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51 roses in a box

Roses are not only a symbol of love, but also a sign of respect. They are presented not only at romantic meetings, but also at business events, at anniversaries. A hat box is a female accessory, so it is customary to present a bouquet in such a package exclusively to ladies.

A bouquet of white, blue or red roses will help to confess your love or propose. But when do you give roses in boxes?

Most Suitable Reasons:

    buy 51 roses in box in Moscow
  • Valentine's Day;
  • 8 March;
  • wedding anniversary;
  • reconciliation after an argument;
  • when to ask for forgiveness;
  • birthday;
  • the birth of a child;
  • wedding.

Advantages of hatboxes

This accessory has not been used for its intended purpose for a long time. The hat box is an elegant and practical package for flowers. She has a lot of advantages, ranging from showiness to the benefits of flowers. At the bottom of the box, florists put a sponge soaked in special substances, thanks to which the flowers do not fade for a long time and they do not need to be rearranged in a vase. Another important point - along with flowers, you can put sweets, a bottle of wine, an engagement ring or a souvenir in such a box. Flowers plus an unexpected surprise are the perfect gift. It is also worth adding that you can take such a box with you on a long journey.

Color matters

The color of the roses in the hatboxes is very important in terms of the meaning of the gift, for example:

  • Red roses mean love;
  • Burgundy is passion and respect at the same time;
  • Pink - youth and romance;
  • Yellow - worship;
  • Orange - thanks;
  • Cream - tenderness;
  • White - sincerity;
  • Blue is inspiration;
  • The colorful buds in the box represent admiration.

51 roses are not easy to fit into a box. Only experienced florists can do this. You can buy the fruits of their labors in Moscow with delivery. Such an elegant gift will not leave anyone indifferent. You will definitely be rewarded with the attention of a beautiful lady in response to your generosity.

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