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25 roses in a box

Roses have always been and will be an irreplaceable and desirable gift for women for any occasion. With the help of a bouquet, you can compliment, draw attention to yourself, thank, apologize or confess your love.

In fact, it doesn't matter how many roses you present, it is more important how you do it, with what words. But if we focus on floral etiquette, then 25 roses are a symbol of recognition and respect. Perhaps such a bouquet can be presented to a friend, or on the anniversary of a relationship. He seems to say, "Thank you for being in my life." But we repeat once again that this rule is not the ultimate truth.

buy 25 roses in box in Moscow

The hat box is an exclusively female accessory, so we will talk about roses as a female gift. But recently, the custom has spread to give them not only to women, but also to men. After all, they also deserve recognition, respect and admiration.

Dear men, the color of the buds in the box can mean a lot to the recipient. Therefore, we advise you not to present yellow or orange flowers at a romantic meeting. Their purpose is respect, admiration for talent and friendship. It is more appropriate to give them at a creative evening, concert or for sports achievements. Variegated buds mean a compliment.

For a date, choose red, burgundy, pink and white flowers. Red is a declaration of love. Pink - admiration for beauty, burgundy - passion, white means your sincerity towards the lady.

We draw your attention to extravagant blue, black and rainbow roses. Such flowers are created to amaze, amaze the imagination, to evoke many different emotions. But not every girl will interpret a bouquet of blue or black roses as a declaration of love.

Advantages of bouquets in a box

  1. showiness;
  2. practical - no need to rearrange flowers in a vase;
  3. longevity - the flowers keep their freshness for a long time thanks to the nutrients with which the sponge at the bottom of the box is impregnated;
  4. endurance - boxes are often sold with lids, such bouquets are easy to transport;
  5. additional possibilities for surprises: you can put a souvenir, a wedding ring, sweets, a bottle of wine in the box.

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