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25 roses


Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Bouquet of pink roses "Claudia"


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Bouquet "Givenchy"


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Red roses "Kenya"


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25 roses as a gift

buy roses in Moscow

25 roses are a very chic status gift. Florists offer many options for such compositions. They are given for an engagement, birthday, wedding, professional holiday, birth of a child, March 8, February 14, as well as many other celebrations. No wonder the rose is called the queen of flowers.

Choosing a bouquet for a man

Recently, flowers have become not only a woman's gift. The bouquet is a tribute to courtesy and respect for a man. What flowers should a man choose? The answer lies on the verge of philosophy, floristry, psychology and cultural characteristics of different peoples. But the choice is not as difficult as it seems. Men's bouquets are monochromatic, without accessories, ornaments, the shape is preferably elongated. Color - exclude pink and red. As for roses, a great option as a gift for a man is blue, yellow, orange.

Choosing a bouquet for a woman

The choice will depend on the occasion. The main guidelines are the color of the buds and the design of the composition.

  • For a romantic event, we recommend a composition in the shape of a heart;
  • A friendly bouquet usually includes yellow and orange roses;
  • Peach and cream pieces are ideal for mom, grandmother, aunt;
  • To a friend, a young girl - pink and white;
  • Zhene - burgundy or red;
  • For special occasions we recommend chic and easy-to-transport compositions in a basket.
  • White flowers look great at weddings, reds, blue also fit well with a classic wedding.

The meaning of roses in the language of flowers

This language is not an invention of florists. It was invented in the Middle East, then spread throughout Europe. It is called villages. According to him, the rose is the queen of flowers, a symbol of love. However, red flowers are also given to commemorate the warriors. They symbolize the blood shed while fulfilling the duty to the Motherland.

  • Red roses mean love, declaration of love;
  • Burgundy - passion;
  • Pink - youth, dreaminess, romance;
  • Lilac - spirituality;
  • Yellow - friendship;
  • Orange - creative success;
  • Cream - care, patronage;
  • Blue - loyalty, fulfillment of dreams;
  • white and red together - consensus;
  • Multi-colored - wish for joy, positive;

The most convenient way is to buy flowers with delivery. This way it is better preserved during transport. It is easy to buy 25 roses in Moscow in an online store with delivery to your home or office. In this case, the price will not be more than in the salon. Online shopping saves time and money.

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