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101 roses - a bouquet for a special occasion

There are such things that we do only once in our life, at least we always think that it will be so. For example, a marriage proposal. This event is one of the most important and solemn. It has already become a tradition to give the bride a ring and a bouquet of roses on this day. & Nbsp; In addition, the date the groom has chosen for this day will be celebrated annually. A huge bouquet of roses is an excellent accompaniment for this wonderful holiday.

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When else do you get a bouquet of 101 roses?

There is no doubt that this gift symbolizes love, maybe filial, maybe a husband's love for his wife, or a young ardent youth for a girl. Based on the symbolism of the bouquet, you can determine the reasons for giving it:

  • Mother's Day
  • 14 February
  • Family celebrations and anniversaries
  • Spouse's birthday
  • Having a baby

In addition, this bouquet can be an apology gift, a gift after a long separation, or a reminder of your feelings. A bouquet of 101 roses can be gifted just like that to brighten up everyday life, revive feelings, add romance to a relationship.

What are the bouquets of 101 roses?

They are packaged in different ways, and also differ in the color of the buds. 101 flowers can be stacked in a basket or box with a floral sponge at the bottom, and tied with ribbon or wrapped in paper. If you will be giving a bouquet at an outdoor event, it is better to choose a basket or a box, since these flowers do not have to be rearranged in a vase. If you give flowers at home, you can save on expensive packaging and choose a composition tied with a ribbon.

How to choose the color of roses?

Now the choice of color of buds is huge. It is difficult to imagine how varied the color palette of rosebuds is. There are at least a dozen shades of red alone. But besides the classic reds, there are pink, yellow, orange, lilac, white, blue, black and rainbow roses. How do you choose a color? To do this, you need to understand what he is. For example, it is better to give red roses only to young girls in romantic circumstances, it is this color that symbolizes love. But burgundy or wine roses can be presented to mom, aunt, mother-in-law and even a man, because they mean respect and deep respect.

Harder with yellow and orange roses. These colors are not recommended for romantic dates. They symbolize energy and happiness. It is better to give such compositions as a reward for achievements, successes, a married couple for an anniversary or for a housewarming.

Pink flowers mean youth, love, romance. Accordingly, 101 pink roses can be presented on March 8 or February 14, as well as on a birthday. Especially delicate bouquets are pleasant to receive in spring.

White roses are a good gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary. This color means sincerity, mutual understanding.

Roses of unusual colors - green, blue, black, iridescent - resonate in the soul of extraordinary people. If you know that the recipient is an adherent of traditions, then it is better not to choose such colors. Rainbow roses will be a great gift for a teenage girl as they mean the fulfillment of a wish or dream.

Where to buy 101 roses?

You can order 101 roses in our online store in Moscow with inexpensive delivery. Call or place an order on our website, we will be happy to help you!

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