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1001 roses

Basket 1001 rose "LOVE"


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Huge basket "1001 Roses"


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1001 roses in a basket

A basket of 1001 roses belongs to the special category. This is a luxurious luxury gift that not everyone can afford, but only those who are ready for deeds and great sacrifices (including financial ones) for their beloved. This bouquet will undoubtedly justify its cost, because it is capable of many things, including not only melting a cold heart, but also seriously interest the recipient. After all, the gift clearly hints at a distant prospect in the relationship.

buy 1001 roses in Moscow

This bouquet will say about the donor:

  • is a generous person;
  • is a romantic person;
  • this is a person in love;
  • this person is capable of much for the sake of his love;
  • this person can afford expensive gifts.

Isn't all this what girls want from their chosen ones?

By the way, when is it appropriate to give such a bouquet?

Most often, such bouquets are purchased for an engagement, wedding or romantic date. But it would not be a bad idea to make such a gift on a normal day. However, giving so many flowers at the very beginning of a relationship can scare a girl with such aggressive courtship. Floral etiquette suggests that it is better to give such grandiose gifts not from the first days of acquaintance.

What are the bouquets of 1001 roses?

First of all, it's worth noting that these are always very heavy compositions, so it's better to give them home delivery.

Secondly, roses in such bouquets are most often placed in baskets, at the bottom of which there is a floral sponge soaked in water. Flowers are laid in it. Agree, it will be quite difficult to choose a vase for such a bouquet, so the florists took care of this in advance. You do not need to rearrange the bouquet. Just watering is enough.

Thirdly, such bouquets differ in the color of roses. Varieties for them are chosen with small, but bright and neat buds. The bouquet can be variegated or monochromatic. Color can convey the meaning of a composition. For example:

  • colorful means that the recipient or donor has a cheerful disposition, their communication clearly brings both great pleasure.
  • red symbolizes passion;
  • burgundy - deep respect, love;
  • white - sincerity;
  • pink - tenderness;
  • yellow - the desire to make happy;
  • orange - admiration for talent, a compliment.

Photos of bouquets of one thousand and one roses are amazing.

In order to give such a gorgeous bouquet to a girl for her birthday, engagement or anniversary, just find the bouquet you like in the online store and order it with delivery. We can arrange delivery throughout the entire Russian Federation. The tariffs for services can be found on the website.

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