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Bouquets of daisies

A bouquet of daisies enjoys steady popularity. They are given to beloved girls, wives, mothers. Daisies emphasize a special attitude towards a woman. These flowers are presented only to the closest people. These flowers are associated with closeness, childhood, landscapes of native nature. Despite the fact that they are simple in appearance, they have a lot of power that can bring people together, one might even say make people related.

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Symbols of daisies

In Russia, daisies were chosen as a symbol of Family Day, which is celebrated on July 8. They are also deservedly considered a symbol of Russian nature and happy summer days. The meaning of is associated with the fact that these flowers grow throughout the entire Russian Federation. In addition, the rituals associated with them have roots in Slavic antiquity. A wreath of daisies was considered a talisman against evil. Even when Christianity spread in Russia, the pagan custom of weaving wreaths of wildflowers for the bride and groom remained and for some time was an integral part of the wedding ceremony in many Russian villages.

Who doesn't get daisies?

Daisies are not given to colleagues, unfamiliar people. They are usually not presented at anniversaries and weddings. It would be considered bad form to give chamomiles to a teacher, medical professional or artist. These flowers are given in the bosom of family and loved ones. They are not flowers for formal events, but they can be used to decorate a summer birthday, thus creating an atmospheric seasonality for the holiday.

Where can you buy chamomile?

Residents of small settlements do not need to buy chamomiles, they grow in abundance in meadows and glades. For those who live in large cities, for example, in Moscow, daisies can be ordered in the online store with home delivery.

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