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VIP bouquet Moscow

Now many flower salons offer a service - VIP bouquets of flowers. And everyone knows that such compositions are chosen only for very, very significant people. But what does the abbreviation hide in itself, and what floristry can offer for this. "Vi-I-Pi" or VIP in its full version is "Very Important Person", which in translation is interpreted as a very important person. Of course, in the original, such an interpretation presupposes “the mighty of this world”: politicians, media stars, business figures of the highest level. Of course, they are all given flowers on various occasions. However, the VIP bouquet is something different. What do florists put into this concept, and to whom can such a work of art be presented?

There are many reasons for such a gift:

  • Anniversary. The composition can be selected both for the beautiful half of humanity and for strong men.
  • Official events. These include negotiations, conferences, exhibition opening and other protocol events.
  • Beloved woman. Such a gorgeous gift is a reliable way to melt the heart of even the most unapproachable beauty.
  • To relatives and friends. If you want to please and surprise, to make a generous and unexpected gesture at a gala event, such a gift will have to be on the occasion.

The most important thing that can be said about such a bouquet is that you cannot buy it in a regular store. It can rightfully be called a work of art created by the hands of experienced florists.

  • Elegance.
  • Originality.
  • Rare types of flowers.
  • Designer jewelry.
  • Original presentation.

These are just a few points that distinguish VIP bouquets.

How does it look in reality? Such a bouquet does not always mean a million scarlet roses in the basket, although there are such options. A composition for the most important persons can be one hundred and one chamomile, a combination of orchids and blue roses, a composition of flowers and sweets, or even a decorative sunflower. The main thing is that the addressee likes these flowers and sweets. Another feature of such a bouquet is courier delivery. This is especially important if you want to surprise your loved one. Agree, an unexpected appearance, and the original look of the bouquet will be a wonderful surprise.

It is easy to order a VIP bouquet in Moscow. It is enough to go to the website of the Flower Delivery online store. A purchase from a large catalog is made in one click.

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