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Red roses "Aphrodite"


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Spray roses "Jennifer"


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Monobouquet is the perfect gift for any occasion

A laconic and stylish mono-bouquet of flowers of the same variety and shade can be a wonderful gift if presented in a suitable original packaging. Here you can at any time pick up a beautifully designed neat bouquet at an affordable price.

Beautiful mono-bouquets of roses

Mono-bouquets of roses will appeal to every girl or woman, because this is a very noble, beautiful flower. A variety of colors, shapes of buds, their number on one handle allow you to choose the right flowers in accordance with:

  • the character of the person to whom they are intended;
  • situation or reason;
  • the age of the person to whom the bouquet is presented.

Just look at the samples presented in our catalog, and you yourself will understand that small buds of bush roses look quite frivolous and playful, warm golden color gives a noble character to the gift, and wine and dark red roses remind of love and passion. When choosing what is right for you, rely on intuition. But, if in doubt, our experienced, helpful staff will always give you an idea.

Original mono bouquets in a box

If you want to give something unusual, then mono bouquets in a box are a great option. They are very convenient to transport and carry if the presentation does not take place at home, but during the celebration of an event in any conditions. Such a bouquet can be placed anywhere, and nothing will happen to the flowers, because the package contains a floral sponge soaked in water.

Buy a mono-bouquet in the Flower Delivery store

You can buy a mono-bouquet from us, which will be assembled by professional florists. We offer a wide range of options in various designs and prices, so that everyone can choose what they like, but at the same time will be available on a budget.

For you, we can put together a mono-bouquet of the bride, which will be in perfect harmony with the image of the newlywed, with the atmosphere of the holiday. Describe to our specialist what situation you need flowers for, and we will advise on the best options.

Call us any time you decide to make a memorable gift to someone dear to you, and we will deliver it wherever you say, free of charge!

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