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Mimosa bouquet

Bouquet of mimosas

A bouquet of mimosas - what could be more beautiful in spring? The composition with mimosas is an armful of twigs, all covered with fluffy yellow flowers-balls. They are so cute and radiant that spring does not just come with them, but bursts into the house, bringing with it the warm sun of the south.

The symbolism of mimosa throughout the world is associated with the arrival of warmth and spring. The deeper meaning associated with this flowering shrub is immutability, constancy and fidelity. Italian women chose this flower as a symbol of their struggle for gender equality in the early 20th century.

Now we are giving mimosa as a symbol of happiness. This is a flower that accompanies the March holidays, like a Christmas tree and tangerines accompany the New Year, like red roses - Valentine's Day, and chrysanthemums - Teacher's Day. Mimosas will create a special solemn and warm atmosphere at the celebration in honor of women and spring.

In the wild, mimosa grows on the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea. There are many varieties of this plant. Not only florists, but also landscape designers and gardeners love it for its abundant flowering in early spring. & Nbsp;

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