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Lily bouquets

Bouquets of lilies are elegant and chic. The effect is achieved through huge buds. 5 - 7 colors are enough for the composition to look three-dimensional. Lilies don't need companions. They are self-sufficient. & Nbsp; Although sometimes they are added to mixed bouquets. The most common on sale are white lilies, but others can be found. & Nbsp;

What lilies can I buy? & nbsp;


In addition to whites, there are yellow, cream, orange, pink, red and burgundy lilies on sale. In addition, rare exotic two-color and even tricolor specimens are supplied from Thailand.

When are lilies given? & nbsp;

White lilies are given to brides. It is a symbol of purity and innocence, sincerity and youth. Pink and cream are suitable for birthday greetings for young girls. Burgundy can be presented to a woman in high office. These flowers stand for respect. Red lilies can be a romantic gift. Orange - friendly. & Nbsp; Exotic varieties will emphasize the extravagance of the donor.

The meaning of lilies in different countries & nbsp;

  • In Russia, it is a symbol of purity, innocence and femininity, a guardian of women's health.
  • In Asia & nbsp; lilies & nbsp; do not carry such a significant semantic load. Here they have lighter symbolism. They are associated with happiness and joy.
  • In Europe, lilies are included in funeral bouquets.

You can order lilies by courier with delivery in Moscow, Moscow region and Russia in our online store. Conditions and payment for delivery are indicated on the website in the corresponding section.

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