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Bouquets of irises

A bouquet of blue or purple irises symbolizes loyalty. It is customary to give these flowers not only to women, but also to men. The iris bud resembles a sheathed sword. From here, these flowers also received symbolism associated with valor and courage.

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Irises can be associated with the arrival of warm days. They bloom in May, like times when warm weather sets in most of Russia. In flower beds, irises coexist with daffodils and tulips, but in bouquets they are compose rarely, because they do not get along together. This is due to the sap that daffodils and tulips release into the water. Most often, irises are sold in mono-bouquets.

Modest, but in its own way charming compositions of irises will be liked by those who do not like pretentiousness and excessive luxury. This is the kind of gift when it is important that it be modest. For example, for a first date, or as a thank you. Irises can also be given as a sign of admiration for people whose life is associated with achievements in sports.

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