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A hydrangea bouquet can be a sign of support. Hydrangea means "remember me" in the language of flowers. Airy, light inflorescences of huge size resemble clouds. Elegant luxury lies in every flower.

What does represent

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Color hydrangeas can be white and blue, but also blue, lilac, pink, green.

  • White hydrangeas symbolize sincerity;
  • blue - loyalty;
  • blue and lilac - selfless love;
  • pink - romance;
  • green - health.

Who is given

Hydrangeas go well with roses, peonies, ranunculus. It turns out delicate bouquets - delicate and feminine. Lush bouquet with luxurious inflorescences for a young lady - a demonstration of gallantry, a sense of taste and generosity.

Hydrangeas are given mainly to women. They are not included in men's bouquets. You can present them for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, anniversary. For their beautiful delicate shades, hydrangeas have earned the status of spring and summer flowers. They make up bouquets with a seasonal flavor, which can be presented on the first day of spring or summer.

You can buy hydrangeas with courier delivery to your home or office in our online store in Moscow. Read the terms on the website.

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