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Alstroemeria bouquets

Bouquet alstroemeria symbolizes friendship. Such a composition can be purchased at a meeting of classmates for a teacher, for a colleague, for a friend. Alstroemeria is usually not presented at ceremonies, public holidays or bosses. Their purpose is a narrow family circle of friends and acquaintances.

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Alstroemeria is the Peruvian lily, or Inca lily. These names are associated with the homeland of its growth - South America. Here the flowering of lilies is associated with the arrival of spring. However, in Russia, these inexpensive, but very colorful flowers are perceived differently, as a symbol of friendship and fun. They are sold all year round and fit perfectly into the atmosphere of friendly and family holidays.

Alstroemeria can be given to men. For a male bouquet, dark or neutral colors of buds are selected, for example purple, yellow, white. Pink and red alstroemeria best for girls.

You can buy a bouquet of alstroemeria in our online store in Moscow. We will deliver the bouquet by courier to the door of your home or office. The geography of our deliveries is very wide. You can familiarize yourself with it, as well as its cost in a special section on our website.

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