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Fruit basket


Basket "Fruit Paradise"


40 cм

40 cм

3 800


Fruit basket "Picnic"


30 cм

40 cм

5 050
New Year Fruits


40 cм

50 cм

4 200


Basket "Rich Harvest"


40 cм

40 cм

5 950

A fruit basket is the most useful gift in every sense. It will not only cheer you up, but also improve your health. In addition, each basket is designed to be a piece of design art. It is difficult to refrain from delight at the sight of such a gift.

buy a fruit basket in moscow

When do you get fruit baskets?

This is a universal gift. It can be handed over in a romantic setting, in a friendly setting, as a gift to a colleague. This is the best way to reassure the patient, apologize or thank. If you do not know what to give a child, a pregnant woman, a young mother, parents or grandparents, fruit is an original and useful solution.

We bring to your attention a large selection of fruit baskets. We have tried to arrange them in such a way as to satisfy the tastes and possibilities of any customer. We offer fruity abundance in a wide variety of varieties. Together with traditional, familiar fruits, exotic gifts of nature, as well as berries are put into our baskets.

Pros of our delivery:

  • possible within two hours after placing and paying for the order;
  • we can arrange unexpected delivery - surprise;
  • we maintain anonymity at the request of the customer;
  • a postcard can be attached to each bouquet;
  • night delivery possible;
  • the geography of our work is not limited to Moscow.

With all the advantages of this gift, it is inexpensive. And if you consider that sometimes our attention and care is practically priceless, then it is all the more not worth saving. Please your loved ones with summer mood. With such a charge of vitamins, no pandemic is scary!

Our advantages
Бесплатная доставка за 2 часа  точно в срок

Free delivery in 2 hours just in time

Бесплатная доставка за 2 часа

Free delivery in 2 hours

Фото до доставки

Photo before delivery

100% гарантия качества

100% quality guarantee

Доставка точно в срок

Delivery just in time

Бесплатные открытки

Free postcards



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