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Pink bouquets


Bouquet "Peony Summer"


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50 cм

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Pink orchid "Aura"


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Spray roses "Jennifer"


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Bouquet of peonies "Native"


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40 cм

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Pink flowers

Pink is one of the most common colors in flora. These are peonies, roses, orchids, gerberas, chrysanthemums, lilies, eustoma, calla lilies, tulips. Bouquets of them are considered a romantic gift, symbolizing youth and beauty, so they are most often given for a wedding, beloved girlfriend, mother.

There are a lot of shades of pink in nature:

  • dark - like cherry or plum;
  • bright - strawberry;
  • light - royal, purple, ashy.

Psychology of color or practical purpose of pink bouquets

Floristics is a very interesting science in the sense that in some of its manifestations it borders on psychology and color. In other words, each bouquet is capable of exerting a certain psychological effect on us, evoking emotions of a certain spectrum, and even characterizing our “I”. Have you ever heard of color therapy? It is a way to positively influence the body through visual images of certain shades.

How can a composition of rose buds affect a person's mood?

Calm shades soothe, give a feeling of comfort. Flashy, bright, on the contrary, excite. Long-term contemplation of a bouquet of light pink buds on the one hand can cause a breakdown, on the other hand, it will help you relax, fall asleep, and quickly cope with the effects of stress. Specialists in color therapy believe that this color is able to lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and slow the heartbeat. It reduces the appearance of aggressiveness.

Whom are they given pink flowers to?

It is believed that it is better to give dark, saturated shades of pink to older women, and light ones to young women. It is also the color of princesses and young ladies. So you can safely give such bouquets to your daughter.

More often in total, pink flowers are given to lovers. They are the most popular on Valentine's Day along with the red ones. These colors are capable of arousing sexuality, sensuality and sensitivity. Not for nothing in astrology, pink belongs to Venus - the planet of love, beauty, femininity.

If a girl likes pink flowers...

According to psychologists, she can be an incorrigible romantic and dreamer. Such people are soft, docile, do not know how to be rude, see only good in others. They are characterized by compliance, bordering on sacrifice.

Where can I find these flowers?

Do you want to please your girlfriend, mother or daughter, choose a bouquet for a wedding? You can buy a bouquet of pink flowers in our online store in Moscow. We have a wonderful selection of such flower arrangements on our website - choose and order. We will deliver the bouquet to your home fresh and fragrant.

The composition " 101 peonies in a basket " can certainly be used for color therapy. This fragrant, lush lace will have a pacifying effect, as well as decorate any apartment. A chic gift to please your wife or mother.

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