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Sweet Bouquets

Types of bouquets with sweets

One of the advantages of this gift option is the variety of species. You can choose and order a miniature composition with premium sweets, pick up a chic gift with marshmallows and marshmallows.

The fair sex, who watch their figure and follow a healthy diet, will like sets with fresh fruits and berries. The following options for sweet gifts remain popular:

- traditional format of sweets or in addition with flowers;

- sets in baskets;

- compositions with fruits and fresh berries;

- sweet gifts in hat boxes;

- romantic gifts with heart-shaped decor.

Giving sweets for the holiday is a good tradition for most countries and cultures. It is difficult to surprise loved ones with an ordinary box of chocolates; a present of sweet ingredients, made in the format of a bouquet, will be a more attractive option.

What holiday is it for?

Another advantage of unusual gifts is versatility. They are suitable for any celebration: birthday, wedding anniversary, memorable family date, March 8, magnificent anniversary and professional holiday - you can’t make a mistake with the choice. An attractive price also remains among the advantages, sweet bouquets are not much more expensive than flower arrangements, and their design and practical qualities are more attractive.

StudioFlor Services

StudioFlor is pleased to offer an excellent selection of handmade sweet bouquets. The thematic section of the catalog is devoted to such gifts. Free delivery in Moscow is available to customers, transportation services are included in the price of each bouquet.

You can make a great surprise for family and friends, even if it is not possible to be around on a holiday. We regularly update the catalog and try to please you with new ideas for unusual gifts. Choose gifts for loved ones, place an order and remember that positive emotions are priceless!

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