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Chocolate bouquets

Chocolate bouquet

A bouquet of chocolate roses is an original and at the same time universal gift. Sweet flowers can be the highlight of the festive table. They can be given for any occasion, for example, for a birthday, New Year, Valentine's Day, March 8, or for the birth of a child. There is no need for a festive occasion for such a gift. Chocolate flowers are appropriate to give on a date or when meeting after a long separation.

You you can make a sweet present yourself. We offer you to order a ready-made composition of chocolate roses with delivery. In our online store in Moscow you can choose a bouquet of sweet roses of any color, in any quantity in a box or bag.

Benefits of chocolate bouquets

  1. This is a beautiful and exquisite gift.
  2. It can decorate the interior much longer than an ordinary bouquet, because the shelf life of sweets is longer than that of fresh flowers.
  3. This is a double pleasure - both beautiful and tasty!
  4. A special aroma - notes of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon - the taste of childhood.
  5. The effect of originality and surprise.
  6. Versatility - everyone loves chocolate, regardless of age and social status. Such a gift will be appropriate for any occasion.
  7. It's fashionable and stylish.

Meaning of rose color

You can order chocolate roses of any color from us. Each of them has a specific meaning, according to the floral etiquette.

  • Red or pink buds are suitable for a romantic gift, as they mean love;
  • Whites are preferable to give to young girls or brides, their meaning is innocence and purity;
  • Blue, purple, brown - suitable for friends or colleagues, as they symbolize loyalty and loyalty;
  • Black is better to give to people without prejudice, they symbolize passion, beauty, charm.

Please note that it is necessary to order a bouquet of chocolate roses in advance - 1 or 2 days before the expected date of the celebration, so that we can arrange the delivery of the chocolate bouquet. If you liked our flowers, or have any questions, call or write to us, we will be happy to help you!

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