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Gifts without mistakes

Is there a harder task than choosing a gift? How many painful thoughts about how to please a person, what he will like and will never be superfluous ... We have a win-win option - what is called three or even four in one! By purchasing a gift set in our store, you will hit the target. It is easy to become a kind wizard with generous gifts - just contact us.

This is what everyone loves!

Everyone, without exception, wants to be healthy and beautiful. All people are gourmets, and they will never refuse something tasty. Signs of respect and love are dear to everyone: it is so nice to know that you are not indifferent to others! Nobody wants to be sad. And all of us, no matter how old we are, remained children in some way. Our kits will satisfy all these desires. Because they include some great and versatile things:

  • Rich fruit sets - tasty and healthy.
  • Chocolate, caramel and coconut candies.
  • Adorable stuffed toys.
  • Beautiful bouquets of flowers are eloquent heralds of your feelings.

Convenient and timely

The most important thing in a gift is its timeliness. Having bought gift sets from us, you can be sure that the free round-the-clock delivery service will bring them to the address just in time. You do not have to worry if you are far from your dear person - away, or if business does not allow you to personally come to the hero of the occasion. However, if the purchased gift set is ordered at your address, you can visit with a light heart, carrying with you a universal and pleasant gift.

Notice how diverse our kits are, each with a personal touch. Among them there are those that are sure to suit exactly the one to whom you intend them. What do you want to focus on? Can you choose the option where languid sensual chocolate dominates, or do you like a large bright bouquet? Or maybe a child is waiting for a gift? Then the main thing in the set is a soft plush friend, meeting with whom will delight the kid.

  • The most courageous and energetic are gift sets for men - "The Lion King".
  • Delicate, sophisticated bouquets paired with a fruit basket and a selection of chocolates - coconut, caramel or chocolate - in gift sets for women.
  • Cute animals in a company with fruits and sweets will delight any child.

A set of joyful emotions

Our sets allow you to subtly vary the mood that you want to present with your gift. There are options that are playful, carefree, light. There are sets that are designed to manifest more serious and deep and passionate feelings, as their names speak eloquently. Options without stuffed toys, which contain flowers, fruits and sweets - gift sets for men or women. However, a graceful cute animal still turns out to be quite an organic part of a gift set for women.

Wish you health

Bananas and apples, oranges and pears, figs and kiwi, grapes and lemon - a generous gift of vitamins in an elegantly designed basket. As if descended from a picturesque still life, it not only pleases the eye and decorates the table. This part of the kit will help improve your health. Our kits are also a very good option for expressing care and support if someone close to you is sick. Send this kit to someone who has a cold - he'll get better sooner!

The Secret of Joy

good for health. According to scientists, it helps to prolong youth, improve memory, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. However, the beautiful and delicious chocolates in our gift sets are unlikely to seem like a cure. But the fact that they will surprise and bring joy is undoubtedly!

Bouquet and gift

The bouquets included in our holiday sets vary in size and opulence, but are equally fresh and executed with great skill. Our florists can create a small masterpiece or a large masterpiece - in any case, the bouquet will look like a worthy part of your gift. 101 roses - scarlet or white - in the "Lux", "Airy" sets - are able to delight in and of themselves. But in alliance with delicacies, they will be absolutely irresistible.

The Ensemble of Generosity

Our gift set will be able to convey to your relatives and friends so much warmth and a variety of generous joys that it will not be forgotten for a long time. You will be known as a kind wizard or an amazing fairy if you order it on our website or by phone +7 (495) 236 72 47. Remember that wanting everything at once is a common human trait. It's so easy to create a small miracle! Our store will help you do this.

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