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What flowers to give in winter

Доставка цветов

The flower market, like everything else in our climate, is subject to seasonality. The four seasons dictate their own rules here too. The most important factor that affects sales is the preferences of buyers, but cold weather practically does not affect the price. In general, the statement that flowers are more expensive in winter is a myth. In this article, we will tell you which flowers are becoming more popular in winter, and we will also refute the established opinion that decorating a winter holiday with fresh flowers will cost a pretty penny.

According to statistics published by the media, most Russians buy not sunflowers and daisies in winter, but roses, chrysanthemums, callas, lilies. These flowers fit perfectly into winter bouquets and winter holidays, creating the appropriate atmosphere.

In addition, winter is the season for flowering ranunculi and orchids. At this time of the year, their choice is larger, the buds are larger. In general, winter is the time to enjoy the beauty of these plants. Knowledgeable people understand this, so at this time of the year they prefer to give them.

Why don't flowers rise in price in winter?

bouquet of orchids

Almost all flowers are brought to us from abroad. There the climatic conditions are more favorable. They bloom all year round, and the yield does not change with the change of seasons. In Russia, greenhouses and greenhouses need to be heated in winter. This of course affects the cost of flowers. But the share of Russian greenhouses is so small that it does not affect the market as a whole.

The cost of growing flowers and transportation with the onset of winter in warm countries does not change. Therefore, the price remains the same. The cost of the bouquet may be affected by import restrictions and currency fluctuations. Winter has nothing to do with it.

winter flowers

Orchids - in winter they are distinguished by their special beauty and variety of choices. They are used in all types of floral work, from large interior to wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. Orchids symbolize grace. And, like all other exotic flowers, they are understood as something extraordinary, unusual and associated with a miracle. It is believed that orchids can positively affect a person's well-being. But this is understandable - flowers on the subconscious are always perceived as a holiday.

Chrysanthemums - the most resistant to cold, can bloom in November in the garden under the snow. These are the most popular flowers at any time of the year due not only to endurance, but also to their value, as well as the variety of varieties and colors. If you want to decorate a winter holiday with flowers, this is one of the best options.

Roses are all-season flowers. Their prices are stable. It rises only on the eve of the holidays. Roses look good in winter bouquets. The red, white and blue buds go great with the dark green spruce branches and do not contradict the concept of Christmas in any way. Therefore, they are added to New Year's bouquets along with cones, tangerines, and cotton. They make the composition more elegant and solemn.

lily bouquet

Ranunculus bloom more abundantly from January to May, the peak of activity occurs from October to December. Terry buttercups look like peonies in miniature. They have many petals, delicate shades of buds. There is no better romantic bouquet than pink ranunculus.

Lily looks like a Christmas star. It is her that she symbolizes in New Year's bouquets. In addition, these elegant, feminine flowers are in high demand in winter as an alternative to classic roses.

Cotton in floristry is used as a dried flower. It is cold and looks like snow. In winter, it is added to bridal bouquets, as well as to Christmas compositions. Cotton is unusual and beautiful in its own way. If you want to give an extraordinary gift that will not fade for a long time, cotton is the most suitable option.

Winter bouquets

Winter bouquets can only be bought at this time of the year. Florists create masterpiece compositions that resemble a winter fairy tale. They show all the beauty and luxury of this time of year. Features of winter bouquets:

dried flowers can be combined with fresh flowers;

shiny accessories - beads, ribbons, brooches;

the presence of silver and golden colors;

the addition of coniferous plants - arborvitae, spruce branches, larch;

adding winter red and white berries - holly, hyperricum and so on.

Each season has its own color scheme. Warm tones prevail in autumn, cold in spring, summer is a riot of colors and shades, and in the winter palette the colors are saturated, but not bright. In winter bouquets, white, blue, red buds predominate, greenery is dark, accessories are shiny. They symbolize the glitter of snow.

How to transport flowers in winter?

In winter, it is best to order flowers for home delivery so as not to freeze, or buy in a good store that uses expensive and high-quality packaging. Flowers should not be carried in hands on foot at sub-zero temperatures, it is better to transport them in a car. You can unpack the bouquet only half an hour after it was brought into a warm room.

In winter, flowers are more desirable for women than in summer. This is due to the fact that there are practically no bright colors left on the street. Gray sky and white snow day after day



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