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What are the best roses

Доставка цветов

Roses are bought more often than other flowers. Not only because they are preferred by most women, but also because they are a classic floral gift, which, by the way, is also given to men. But how to choose a bouquet that will not fade for a long time and, in general, will look dignified at any event? What roses to ask sellers if you need a bouquet that will stand for a long time in a vase and with which you are not ashamed to come to the Queen's reception? About this in this article.

There are a lot of varieties of roses, but they are all divided into four large groups according to the place where they were grown. These are Ecuadorian, Dutch, Kenyan and Russian. The first fly to us from Latin America, the second from Europe, the third from Africa, and the fourth, one might say, home. The price of these categories of roses is different. It has to do with logistics. But in other characteristics, they are also very different. Overseas roses from Ecuador are in no way inferior in terms of the number of sales to Russian and European. Therefore, we can assume that they are of the highest quality, since they are in demand, despite the high cost.



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