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White roses are often admired. They will decorate any interior and add atmosphere to any holiday. There are no prejudices about them in Russia, they can be given to women of any age and status. But in other countries, the perception of white roses is not so unambiguous.

What do white roses mean?

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The symbolism of white roses is not simple. Before giving these flowers, it is useful to know that in some foreign countries these flowers are not given on a date. White roses can be perceived as an on-call bouquet for an unfamiliar person, for example, for a doctor as a token of gratitude or for a colleague on his birthday. Also in many cultures, white flowers are considered mourning.

In Russia, white roses are given on the first date, as well as to the bride for a wedding. They symbolize innocence, honesty, sincerity. However, these flowers are often viewed as an option for a corporate gift. We often decorate banquet tables with white flowers at celebrations and events.

How to choose roses for a gift?

White roses are not only laconic, but also refined, especially varieties with an elongated greenish bud. But if the bud looks more like a ball, has an abundance of cream petals, then the bouquet looks truly luxurious. The first option of white roses is suitable for business events, the second - for a romantic gift.

How to buy roses?

When buying roses at the market or in the flower shop, pay attention to the green leaves, which are located directly under the bud and are called a shirt. They keep the shape of a flower. Often their absence indicates that it is no longer fresh and the lower petals were torn off, as they began to wither.

You can order fresh roses online in Moscow with courier delivery to your home or office. In this case, all you need to do is make a choice. Delivery can be carried out at any time of the day. See our website for ordering conditions.

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