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Ranunculus bouquet


A bouquet of ranunculus can be given to women of all ages for any occasion. The buds of ranunculus resemble miniature roses. Only their petals are thinner and more tender. Ranunculus - terry buttercups. In nature, they grow in fields and meadows. Their homeland is Asia Minor. Flowering season - from October to May. It was at this time that you can buy ranunculus cheaper, and their choice is more varied.

Ranunculus come in different colors and shades. Their buds can be delicate pastel or juicy and bright. The former is preferable to give to dreamy, young, romantic young ladies. Bright flowers are a symbol of psychological maturity, self-sufficiency, optimism.

Ranunculus are popular in wedding floristry. Openwork flowers are ideally combined with the bride's lace dress. In addition, with their participation beautiful compositions with other flowers popular at weddings are obtained. Ranunculus go well with peonies, peony roses, double tulips and hydrangea.

We offer the easiest way to improve a girl's mood. It always works flawlessly. Just give her flowers! Girls love flowers because they are associated with happy moments in life. Each presented bouquet resurrects these moments in the subconscious. You can order ranunculus in our online store in Moscow with delivery to the door of your home or office.

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